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Who is hayden paniterre dating

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, Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere, are indeed dating one another.

There has been speculation that these two have been together for some time. He dated his co-star Alexis Bendel for over three years.

Note: Ventimiglia’s character, Peter Petrelli, is the uncle of Panettiere’s Clair Bennett.

Then, when I looked, people were like, 'Oh my gosh, good for you,' and I am so proud to be a spokesperson and a woman that people can look to and to know that they're not alone and they're not weak if they go and they seek help."Hayden was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Constance Zimmer."To be honest it was kind of a rocky start for me and especially emotionally," she shared.

She attended South Orangetown Middle School in New York till grade eight.

They stated that the reason for their break up was the long distance nature of their relationship and it was creating too much worries in their love affairs.

But Panettiere appears to have pulled off the notoriously tricky transition from child and teenage stardom to serious adult acting with aplomb.

Earlier this year she earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role as the catty, conniving country-music singer Juliette Barnes in the new More4 drama Nashville. With her bad-girl persona, sequinned dresses and eye-wateringly tight denim hotpants, Barnes is a delicious departure from the good girls the actress is used to playing.

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For fact number 17, she said: "Without planning it, my best friend and I had babies six months apart!

‘After Heroes I knew it was going to be an uphill battle for me to be seen as anything other than the all-American cheerleader,’ she says.

It’s certainly true that with her perky blonde prettiness she perfectly resembles that icon of American high-school culture, straight out of central casting.

We’re guessing that these two held off on telling anyone about their ‘situation’ because she recently turned 18. And they clearly didn’t want anyone to think that something untoward was going down. It reminds us of the brief rumor about AJ and Meadow Soprano (Robert Iler and Jamie-Lynn Sigler) dating.

There is just something unwholesome about people that play relatives on TV hooking up in real life.