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Creating self updating applications with the net framework Massive webcam

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static void Main() Upon start, the Wm Auto Update framework kicks in and downloads the XML file "update.xml" from the update server.The file looks as follows: Pretty self-explanatory. I am about to start a large project for my team that, I suspect, we will be doing as a desktop application (I am generally a web guy in my application outlook but I am open to change.) My big concern is that the current desktop applications in the company are already a pain in the keister to maintain, or more to the point, to distribute when a change needs to be made.So I would want to develop something that prompted the user (our employees) to update the software if it is out of date on their computer.NET technologies, but want to add the best updater in the industry to their application. NET developers — whether you're working with C#, VB. — can add fully automatic updating to your application.

This way the end user only needs to restart the application after the sofware has been updated to its latest version.Windows apps should be as fast and as easy to install and update as apps like Google Chrome.From an app developer's side, it should be really straightforward to create an installer for my app, and publish updates to it, without having to jump through insane hoops.Wm Auto Update ============ Wm Auto Update is an auto-update application framework, which can be used in . Usage ============ Consider the example folder for a simple example of how to use the framework.The application simply consists of a form, which displays the string "old Version".There’s also a machine wide installation option, but we haven’t used that feature yet.