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As he points out, the laws of the state are designed to ensure that any Jew in the world (regardless of whether or not they have any factual ancestral connection to the historic land of Palestine, now occupied by Israel) can “return” to Israel, while Palestinian refugees, who have been constantly kicked out of their homes by Israel since 1948, are entirely barred from returning to homes they or their grandparents were born in.
Essentially a fitfully successful paean to the slothful joys of not growing up, ever, the show has always rested easily on the shoulders of real-life pals Anders Holm, Adam De Vine, and Blake Anderson, who, tonight, wave one last drunken rooftop goodbye to the series and the fans that have forced enough mid-level success on them that they have no choice but to break out of the comfortable cocoon that their fictional counterparts clearly never will.

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He calls it an invasion of privacy when telemarketers make unwanted calls to individuals' cellphones."We want to fine them for breaking the law," Presley said of telemarketers who call numbers on the no-call registry.

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Yes, it seems what was once considered a problem only for landline phone users — calls from telemarketers — has now drawn the ire of cellphone users.

Go to the Central District website us to register online or call 1-800-356-6430.

Public Service Commission Chairman Brandon Presley said it makes good sense to add cellphones to the list.

Both Klaas and Moulton are parents of young children who were murdered. Not only should we give thanks those who stood up there today, and Janice B.

Alameda District Nancy O’Malley, who also chairs the CA Sex Offender Management Board, testified in favor SB 421. But those who cast their vote, for they have done a great thing to start change from this oppressive registry.