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Graham Doyle, Head of Communications & Customer Service with SUSI, has the following message for students: “The processing of grant applications is once again running pretty smoothly.

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You can explain your circumstances to your landlord and ask if the rent can be reduced or you can try to find cheaper accommodation.If you are having difficulty paying your rent you can also apply to the Housing Executive for a Discretionary Housing Payment.The buyers claim damages from the shipowners for misrepresentation.The court in The Saudi Crown, 1986, held the owners liable.A Shared Accommodation Rate is the rent level that is allowed for someone who has access to one bedroom only and shares the use of a bathroom, kitchen and living room within the conditions of their tenancy agreement.If you are under 35 we will allow a Shared Accommodation Rate rent level even where you may have self contained accommodation with full access to your own individual bedroom(s), kitchen, bathroom and living room within the terms of your tenancy.In most cases, the funds will appear in the employee's account 2 banking days after the payroll is processed.

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Amendments may also be necessary if tax filings have been completed.The buyers are unaware of the false dating and accept the bills of lading.The late shipment would have been a breach of the sale contract and the buyers would have been justified in rejecting the documents and the goods.It does not matter what accommodation is available in your area.The law prevents the Housing Executive from paying more than the Shared Accommodation Rate unless you qualify as one of the exceptions listed earlier.Send your claim to us and provide the evidence later, but within one month.