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I'm a big optimist in life and very romantic too)) I really believe in true love that you can meet anywhere and my parents are beautiful example for me.
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Is bret michaels still dating taya from rock of love

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Bret will invite twenty handpicked beautiful women to move into his rock and roll palace in the Hollywood Hills and compete for his heart.They must win over his mind and his body by proving their love for Bret, their passion for rock and their potential to be the perfect "Rock Star Girlfriend." Each week, Bret will design challenges to test the girls' ability to adapt to the true rock 'n roll life.She has herself listed as being in a relationship on her myspace.But they're not still together and now that Bret Michaels had a brain hemorrhage I hope Taya at least visits him.Ashley's Ex James discloses that he and Ashley had sex right before she left for the competition. Beverly freaked out her Ex-Husband did not show up and disclosed she was a teen mother at 17. He is responding well to tests and treatments,” says his reps in a statement.“Even though today was a minor setback, doctors remain hopeful for a full recovery.”Bret is now beginning what some say will be a slow and painful recovery from a brain hemorrhage.

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Who can handle the competition from outrageous, and sometimes hotter groupies? And perhaps most vital - who will always look smokin' hot doing it?Since 1986 when MTV introduced the world to the blue-eyed lead singer of Poison, women around the world have worshiped Bret Michael's as a veritable Rock God.Never out of the spotlight, Bret's career is still rocking with Poison and as a successful solo artist and the women are still lining up in hopes of a lying down with the sexy star. I just got done watching the reunion show and I was in tears!!You can so see the hurt, sincerity and love in Mindy's eyes to a point that I just so wanted Brett to say "Taya, you and I don't belong together".The 47 year-old rocker and former Rock of Love star is however having to deal with a minor setback as he was diagnosed with a side effect that leads to seizures, according to his reps.