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I included methods for 2 workarounds that you can uncomment to try - neither worked for me. Attached are the screenshots for Run 1 and Run 2 of the test case on Windows 10 with JDK 8u112. Please let me know if you have any inputs that could help reproduce the issue.

REPRODUCIBILITY : This bug can be reproduced always. From submitter: I was able to access another machine today at work, which is a Windows 7 Enterprise, and the test was successful like yours.

When you read content from file, you start with current location of file pointer and pointer is moved forward past how many bytes are read.Of these two, binary files are usually the simpler to deal with.For that reason and the fact that random access on a text file isn't something you need to do often, this tutorial is limited to binary files. By controlling this file pointer, you can move forth and back within the file to perform reading and writing operations, at any position you want, in a random fashion. Unlike IO streams that allow reading and writing data sequentially, random access file allows you to read and write a small chunk of data at any position in the file, using a file pointer.Below is an Android bug that dates from 2011 with lots of upset developers. The test was simply to rewrite each file to contain only a timestamp, then compare it to the last modified date reported by Windows. I did find one link that said it might be a caching issue in NTFS, but that would not explain the Android bug I mentioned earlier.